The Skibbereen & District Motorsport Club run a number of events in a number of disciplines.


Special Stage Rallying is the most popular form of Motorsport in Ireland, drivers and navigators compete over closed roads to achieve the fastest time from point A to B.

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There are two types of Autocross events; those held on a grass surface and those that take place on a loose surface; e.g. dirt tracks or quarries. In either case, a circuit is laid out and cars compete individually “against the clock”

Night Navigation

Navigation Trials are as much a test of map reading and direction finding skills as they are competition driving. They are a relatively cheap form of Motorsport and are fantastic fun! Each competing car carries two people (the crew) consisting of a driver and a navigator. At the start of the event competitors are given a list of grid references from which they must work out the prescribed route, which can be anything from 96 to 224 kilometers in length.


Autotests are one of the oldest disciplines in competitive motorsport in Ireland and is a real test of a wide range of driving skills. It is also one of the least expensive branches of motorsport. Each event consists of a number of tests (usually 10 or 12), that involve competitors carrying out a sequence of vehicular manoeuvres, as instructed in the test diagrams issued by the organisers.

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